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Monterey Park


Photo, Monterey Park

The City of Monterey Park is 7.73 square miles in size and is located in the San Gabriel Valley, just east of Los Angeles.  Incorporated on May 29, 1916, it is a city that combines almost a century of history and tradition with a modern approach to business, neighborhoods, people, and community. 

It is conveniently located adjacent to three major freeways that provide north-south and east-west access to all of
Southern California - bounded on the west by the Long Beach Freeway (710), on the north by the San Bernardino Freeway (Interstate 10), and the south by the Pomona Freeway (State Highway 60).  Because of its central location and proximity to downtown Los Angeles, Monterey Park
is well served by public rail and bus transit lines, providing residents and employees with many alternative ways to travel to work, shopping, and home.

Striving to blend residence and commerce, Monterey Park maintains 60% of its space for residential living, 12% for industrial, 10% for commercial and retail use, and 18% for schooling and recreational facilities.  Its major businesses are auto sales, banking, medical, education, and food service.  The health care needs of Monterey Park residents and the surrounding communities are served by Monterey Park Hospital and Garfield Medical Center.

As one of the most diverse and community-oriented cities in the area, it hosts numerous cultural, educational, and festive programs, many of which have received national attention, such as the Harmony Festival, a celebration of cultural diversity; the DARE Program, a drug abuse prevention program for youth; the Good Student Discount Program, a community/business partnership that rewards good students with discounts; and LAMP, a program to provide English-as-a-second language assistance.  It is a City with a rich mix of people of many backgrounds.