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San Gabriel

The rich history of the City of San Gabriel dates back to 1771 with the founding of the Mission San Gabriel Archangel, a California State historical landmark, and establishes San Gabriel as the birthplace of the Los Angeles region. The Mission San Gabriel Arcangel, "Pride of the California Missions," founded by Father Junipero Serra in 1771, is the fourth of twenty-one California Missions, and has long been a center for culture and art. As the original and oldest settlement north of San Diego and south of San Luis Obispo, it is from San Gabriel that the City of Los Angeles and the greater metropolitan area were established.

The Mission District, and the San Gabriel Civic Auditorium provide a cultural centerpiece in the heart of the community.

One of the community's great strengths is its diversity. Today, with a population of over 40,000, San Gabriel is a rich community of different cultures, religions and ethnicities.